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Busy Street

“Hey dear, will you please help me to cross the road?”  The old women asked a youngster passing-by.

“I don’t have time for you old hag, I’m busy.” The youngster replied and walked away.

An old woman probably 70-75 years old is standing on a sidewalk in a busy street. She wants to cross the road. She is holding big bags in both her hands. Due to traffic she was not able to cross the road. She asked many people passing-by to help her, but none did. She just stood there helplessly.

Suddenly she felt a warm hold on her hand. She looked back. There stood a man in his mid-40s. He wore a white suit. His face was very sharp and his eyes glowed with the intensity of power he holds. Two well-built men in black suit stood behind him. They wore glasses and looked like bodyguards.

“Mam let me help you.” The man said. The guards took those two big bags from her. The man took her hand in his hand and started crossing the road. The guards indicated the vehicles passing-by to stop, so that they can cross the road.

“You…….. You look just like my son” The old women looked at the man’s face and said in a low voice. The man looked at her and smiled.

“I….. I was standing there for a long time to cross the road. But no one helped me. You look like a busy man. Then why??       Why did you help me???” the old women asked tremblingly.

“Because recently I realized that love, compassion, family, relationships etc. are the most important things in any one’s life.

You know I have never seen my father. I lived with my mother in a village. We had nothing, we were very poor. She raised me with great difficulty. When I became a youngster, I wanted to become so rich that, I worked day and night.  And it paid off. Now I’m very rich and powerful.

I was so obsessed with making money that I forgot my mother. I gave her everything other than love. I never married. I thought children are liabilities. I never had any real friend.

I was so much involved in my work that I never cared to visit my mother, even in her last days. With lot of pain in her heart she said goodbye to this world.”

A drop of tear rolled down his cheeks.

“When I saw my mother’s body lying lifeless in the coffin, a thought struck me like a bolt of lightning.

I’m alone in this world.

There is no one in this world to share my feelings. I’m all alone in this world with my riches.”

In the meantime they have crossed the road. The old women took her bags from the bodyguards.

“That single thought changed me. Now I’m trying to live a simpler life by helping others, making new friends, enjoying every moments of my life” the man said looking deeply into the sky.

The old women smiled.

“Each and every human being in this world is meant to do something that will make the entire mankind happy. You just have to realize that something. Everything in this world has its own time to reveal itself. Always do the right thing sonSaying that she walked away.

“What did she say, ‘Always do the right thing son’ that is……… that is exactly the same worlds my mother used to say when I was a child. How did she know that” he thought. A strange sensation passed through his body.

“Hey mam, wait. Where do you want to go? I can drop you off!!” he shouted while running into the crowd. But she was no were to be seen. She already disappeared into the crowd of that busy street.

The man stood there wondering what just happened!!!


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Vimala -Be The Light


raised me up

filled me with light

and made me strong.IMG-20131220-WA0001

I can’t stop loving her

becoz she was

like a mother when I was small

my best friend in my miseries

and my lover in my teens.


She was the first one

who saw me crying

who saw me dance

and who saw me in real happiness.


For 14 years

she was with me

time went so fast

in the blink of an eye

and a time came

when there is no space for me in her.

and I was forced

to leave her forever


I love her


she is my life

Vimala – My School


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An Awesome Snap

DSCN9524This is one of the beautiful places in kerala.

It’s Paruntumpara

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Oh! I just love to remember
Remember my childhood

It’s time
When coloursout_of_gravity_by_lora_zombie-d5o02ik
They seems brighter and brighter
The air
It feels softer and softer
And morning more fragrant than ever.

It’s time
you fight with anyone
you play in the rain
And sleeps
Sleeps with your toys.

It’s time
When smile
A present to everyone400780_146394565471355_100003024374363_179347_266072279_n
When love
As pure as elixir
And when everyone seems to be a friend

It’s time
To dream on and on
To make our parents go crazy
And to Splash into the world of fantsy.

Itz filled with lots of holidays
Lots of fun and lots of cheers

It’s the most beautiful
And magical stage of anyone’s life
But no one realizes this fact
Until they pass this stage.

And I just realised
how joyful
How joyful my childhood was…………

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My Cute Little Angel

Even though I don’t know her well

I’m getting this feeling that

That I know her for 1000 years

Every time I tried to force her out of my heartalla_01_by_insomnia_stock-d58gnay

She came in with more strength

Her smile makes my world slower

And her looks

They make me shiver with happiness

Whenever she sits beside me

I’m getting this feeling that

that she will be mine and only mine

Whenever she comforts me

It makes me happy

Whenever I look into her eyes

my heartbeat

It triples

and fills me with energy

to touch the sky.

Her weaknesses are my strengths


my weaknesses are her strengths

And that makes us even

Several girls

They tried to steal my heart

But she335454_162985990473294_100002856814873_216906_1810139565_o

She took it with a smile

Just like plucking a flower

From the moment I saw her

All other girls

They became my sisters

and she my princess

I don’t know what will be her reaction

When I tell her that

That I love her

But I’m ready

ready to wait for her till my end.

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A Sea Bridge

A Sea Bridge

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A Sidewalk

Sidewalks reminds me of my good old college day when I used to walk to my college with my friendss :-/
A Sidewalk